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Three Blake Choruses

In April 2009, Germán Aguilar attended a recital of my works in Tempe, AZ.  At the time Germán was a masters student in choral conducting at Northern Arizona University, working under Dr. Edith Copley.  He and I didn’t meet at that recital, nor did we meet at a mutual friend’s wedding a few months later.  However, he was nice enough to send me a note telling me how much he enjoyed the recital and that he was working with a bang-up men’s chorus at NAU.  Would I write a piece for his group?  Yes…yes, I would.  And not just one…apparently I needed to write three.

I set to work during the summer of 2009 trying to find appropriate texts and finally settled on three poems by William Blake after I picked up a volume of his works while in Portland, OR.  The texts are beautiful, mysterious, nostalgic, spiritual and thoroughly Blake.

Late in 2011 Germán asked if I would make an SATB arrangement of the third movement.  He premiered that version with the Delta Singers at San Joaquin Delta College in the spring of 2012.

I. Hear the Voice of the Bard


II. The Garden of Love

III. Memory, Hither Come


Here’s a great recording of the SATB version of Memory