New Resources


This work is available for purchase through Heartland Marimba Publications.

New Resources is an exploration of the compositional techniques commonly found in African drumming.  A simple four bar pattern is subjected to a number of processes and permutations, creating increasingly complex polyrhythms and a sense of large-scale acceleration.  These passages, which are played on wood instruments, are interrupted by shorter sections that involve skin and metal timbres.

Composed in 1999, New Resources is one of the few pieces from my undergraduate that still sees the light of day.  In 2004, my collaborative partner Lisa Rie used the music to accompany a dance piece entitled Delta Eco, which celebrates the rich flora and fauna of California’s San Joaquin River Delta.  New Resources has had performances throughout California and Arizona, and in 2005 it was played by William Moersch and the University of Illinois Percussion Ensemble.

This recording was made at the premiere of Delta Eco, at the Haggin Museum, Stockton, CA, in 2004.  The performers are Jon Latta, Kevin Mengus, Manuel Costa, and Lolita Tabujara.

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