“Quod erat demonstrandum…”

“A bright breezy minimalist overture which is really good fun.” – Tim Reynish

My concept for this piece began with the simple notion that a fanfare should serve as an abstract, a summary of what could have been a much larger musical structure. 

“Quod erat demonstrandum…” (Latin for “Which was to be proven”) is a phrase frequently found at the end of a mathematical proof or philosophical argument.  It seemed a proper title for a work of this type: a short work making use of techniques that I’ve found useful in many of my recent pieces.  In short, it is a summation, the conclusion of an imaginary rhetorical argument.  In retrospect, the fanfare shares many characteristics with the finale of my Symphony for Wind Ensemble, a work I composed in 2013 and 2014.

The work begins with an emphatic trumpet theme around which are built a trombone countermelody, a forceful E-flat pedal, and strident woodwind arabesques. This is followed by a repeated ascending theme in the lowest instruments of the ensemble.  The arabesques return, before the piece closes with highly condensed versions of these previous ideas.

Thanks to the Iowa State University Wind Ensemble and Christian Carichner for their brilliant premiere performance at the 2016 CBDNA North Central Division conference!

Ardizzoia “Quod erat demonstrandum…” full score