Three Blake Choruses

In April 2009, Germán Aguilar attended a recital of my works in Tempe, AZ.  At the time Germán was a masters student in choral conducting at Northern Arizona University, working under Dr. Edith Copley.  He and I didn't meet at that recital, nor did we meet at a mutual friend's wedding a few months later.  However, he was nice enough to send me a note telling me how much he enjoyed the recital and that he was working with a bang-up men's chorus at NAU.  Would I write a piece for his group?  Yes...yes, I would.  And not just one...apparently I needed to write three.

I set to work during the summer of 2009 trying to find appropriate texts and finally settled on three poems by William Blake after I picked up a volume of his works while in Portland, OR.  The texts are beautiful, mysterious, nostalgic, spiritual and thoroughly Blake.

Late in 2011 Germán asked if I would make an SATB arrangement of the third movement.  He premiered that version with the Delta Singers at San Joaquin Delta College in the spring of 2012.

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