By Andrew


Two movements from “Suite Bergamasque” (Prelude and Clair de lune) (arr. of Debussy piano pieces for orchestra)


“Quod Erat Demonstrandum…”, op. 46 (wind ensemble)

Rhapsody for Oboe and String Trio, op. 45

Irretrievable Systems, op. 44 (solo vibraphone)

Stonewall Magnificats, op. 43 (eight percussionists)

Etudes and Fugues, op. 42 (solo marimba)


Ballade Variations, op. 36b (arr. of slow mvt. of Glass House Concerto for vibraphone and wind ensemble)

Sonata Conciso for Trombone and Piano, op. 41

Symphony for Wind Ensemble, op. 40 (after Richard Serra)


Rítmos Colorados, op. 39 (Percussion ensemble, 8 or 11 players)


Midsummer Pavanes, op. 38 (Symphonic band)

Lingua Franca, op. 37 (Solo A clarinet)

Glass House Concerto, op. 36 (Solo percussion and wind ensemble)


Sonatina for Violin and Piano, op. 35

Ritornelli Scuro e Sconosciuti, op. 34 (Brass quintet)

Distances Between Us, Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, and Piano, op. 33


Postcards from Laramie: Concerto Grosso for Flute and Strings, op. 32

*Some Assembly Required., op. 31 (orchestra)

Modular Suite for Horn and Piano, op. 30

Three Blake Choruses, op. 29 (TTBB and piano, text: William Blake)


Music for “The Laramie Project,” (violin and guitar)

“This Primordial, Threatening Noise…” for winds and brass, op. 28

Songs of Introspection, op. 27 (high voice and piano, text: E.A. Poe)

Études du Désert, Five Pieces for Unaccompanied Alto Saxophone, op. 26

Roadtrip Sunrise, Prelude and Scherzo for Band, op. 25 (For young musicians)

Chamber Symphony for Winds and Percussion, op. 24 (Double woodwind quintet and percussion)


Sonata Accademica for Bassoon and Piano, op. 23 (or alto saxophone)

Trio for Violin, ‘Cello and Piano, op. 22

Richard Avedon: Photographer of Influence, op. 21 (site specific string quartet)


Three Whitman Lullabys, op. 19 (medium voice and piano)


Invocation, op. 18 (SATB chorus)

Pillow Walk: Dance Suite for Lisa Rie, op. 17 (soprano saxophone and marimba)

Concerto for Saxophonist and Wind Ensemble, op. 15

Music for “The Tunnel” (a film by Melinda Busch and JP DuBoucheron)


Five Shapes in One Movement for Solo ‘Cello, Dancer, with Projections, op. 14

Lorca Songs, op. 13 (medium voice and piano or chamber orchestra)

Clandestine Calaveras, op. 12, (cello and mezzo, to accompany Basia Irland’s film of the same name)


Songs for Roz, op. 10, (medium voice and piano, text: Emily Dickinson)

New Resources, op. 8, (4 percussionists)

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